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The Sure Hope Baptist Church has been blessed by the Lord. The first ten years were spent with no Church "property," and during the past ten, we have met in a rented storefront building. During the summer of 2007 we saw the first soul saved outside our own family.  The Lord allowed us to baptize a believer in August of 2008, and another in 2009.  More than 60 people have attended over the years. On December 25th, 2011, we began meeting in a new storefront building in a more centrally located spot in the main town in our target area.

The response to the gospel remains skeptical in the local community, but many are willing to listen, and quite a few ask good questions.

Please look at the other pages we have included in this site. Enjoy what you see, and pray for God to be glorified through the salvation of souls and the establishment of an independent Baptist Church here in the Bortziri, or the Cinco Villas del Bidasoa.